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Upcoming Concerts

Tritone Trio - Fraser; Walker; Demina

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This evening’s concert will present classic and modern works, mostly by UK and US composers, presented by Tritone Trio, Harriet Fraser (soprano), Amanda Walker (clarinet) and Maria Demina (piano).

Water of Tyne: traditional English Folk Song arranged by M Maxwell

Finzi: Prelude and Fughetta for clarinet and piano

Fauré: Les Berceaux and Au bord de l'eau for soprano and piano

Schubert: Der Hirt auf dem Felsen (The Shepherd on the Rock)

Argento: Music on the Water and The Lake at Evening

Trumbore: A Hush You Could See, WEST COAST PREMIERE for soprano and clarinet

McCabe: 3 Folk songs 1 Johnny As Gone For a Soldier 2 hush-a-ba, Birdie, croon, croon 3. John Peel

Eternal Summer in Grateful Hearts - Yellow Bird String Quartet

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All who attended the Yellow Bird String Quartet last year this time can probably remember well what a wonderful experience the concert was, a perfect blend of end-of-summer vibes, wonderful music and great people.

The ensemble will gift us again, with their presence, their music and a few guests.

Our program will include:

-Vivaldi Guitar Concerto with a small String Orchestra
-Mendelssohn Violin Concerto (movements 2 and 3)
-Brahms Violin Sonata 1 (movement 1)
-Grieg Violin Sonata 3 (movement 1 and 2)
-Until Next Time for solo viola

-Nocturne by Arthur Foote
-Bottesini Elegy for string bass
-Bach partita #2 (movement 3) and small orchestra excerpts
-additional string orchestra chamber pieces!

Let’s bid the calendar summer a proper goodbye.

Recent Concerts

Gesamtkunstwerk - Featuring Mak Grgic and guests

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Yellow Bird String Quartet

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Palaver Strings

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International Woman’s Day

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