A quick coffee meeting...

That's how it started out. I met Federico in August, at French Market Cafe, just off Abbott Kinney Boulevard. My dear friend Carlo Siliotto, a great Italian film composer, introduced us briefly a few days before.

 I've been already working with a number of composers on an album of tracks with a small string ensemble in mind, some percussion perhaps. Federico seemed interested to join the collaboration. We talked about possibilities and direction, I mentioned a recent trip to Joshua Tree with a couple of colleagues for a different project, and how fun and inspiring that was. He mentioned a small string ensemble he works with at his hometown of Matera, in Italy. 

He then showed me a photo:


I was smitten. I mean, how beautiful is that. They don't make them like that anymore. One thing led to another, and we left it at 'let's explore the possibilities'. Three months later, 9 of us were on planes from our respective countries (Russia, Denmark, Germany, Austria, UK and USA, and Federico was already in Italy) to meet in this stunning place.